DILIGENCE – Careful and persistent work or effort

As I’m working towards a life of SERVITUDE, the word DILIGENCE seems appropriate as a word for the week. I’m discovering that DILIGENCE, as a verb in my life, is lacking on some days and it definitely stunts my progress towards living this life of ministry and volunteering. If you know me, you know that sometimes sparkly, shiny things distract me…if a squirrel runs by my head turns….if serving becomes taxing I instantly become distraught and decide to nap the day away. DILIGENCE Ang…DILIGENCE.

I’d say my biggest downfall is smutty entertainment. Those that know me also know that I have an embarrassing addiction to all of the Housewife shows. That reality show pops on and one episode turns into four and the promised phone calls, emails, connections and volunteer research go out the window.  If I don’t abide by my word…DILIGENCE…the likelihood of this happening frequently and ruining my momentum is high.


Careful and persistent work is what will bring my goal of bringing humanity to the forefront of people’s minds to fruition.  Careful planning with each day.  Persistent writing to keep me accountable to this space and to myself.

Diligence in evolution of myself, with careful thought to what each hour entails and persistence in pursuing human connection and finding ways to bridge the gap between the needy and the givers.

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What's a blog? Who are these people reading these things? I'm about to find out I guess... I just need a place to purge the thoughts in my head as I pursue a life of complete SERVITUDE to ministry and to the world. You're welcome to come watch me fumble along.

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