SACRIFICE – Surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure

The past week has been a one word kind of week. My commitment level is waning..but I think this is a good thing. I’m marinating in a word…feeling it..absorbing it..letting it become a part of my world (yes..I just watched “Little Mermaid”).

Last Sunday I sat and scrawled the words “things to get rid of” up at the top of a piece of paper. What I wrote underneath were things like old t-shirts, 5K souvenir sweaters, jewelry and socks. I was uninspired by my own thoughts and list. I had hoped for more from my time of pondering and meditation. The paper got pushed aside and I pulled out my phone to look up words that described the act of giving up possessions. SACRIFICE was the first word…but it seemed so cruel and mean. SACRIFICE…it feels like a forced act…not one done freely.  Does anyone enjoy or take pride in things that are forced on them?

Looking up the definition of SACRIFICE was my next step…since the word had riled something up in me I wanted to delve in and figure out what exactly I was dealing with here. Here’s what Siri said about the definition…and a Roget’s Dictionary confirmed the accuracy of this definition…SACRIFICE: Surrendering a possession as an offering to God or a divine power.  I mean…WoW…this makes the act seem so much less self serving and so much more powerful.  I wish I had more to say on the word…but I’m going to SACRIFICE my words and process. My list is going to have to change as are my feelings towards the act, but I’ll return with my list.

To be continued…..

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What's a blog? Who are these people reading these things? I'm about to find out I guess... I just need a place to purge the thoughts in my head as I pursue a life of complete SERVITUDE to ministry and to the world. You're welcome to come watch me fumble along.

2 thoughts on “SACRIFICE – Surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure”

  1. I really loved reading your three posts this morning! I can never pick one word per year either – so far it seems God drops three words/ideas in my head at around 6 month intervals, or whenever I’m ready for the next bit of growth and change.

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